Biomass pellet production line analysis -- 20 tons of biomass pellet production line in Indonesia

Oct. 25, 2021

Biomass pellet production line analysis -- 20 tons of biomass pellet production line in Indonesia

Indonesia 20 tons per hour biomass wood pellet production line, the biomass pellet production line is located in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The client's raw materials are local subtropical trees.

The biomass pellet production line consists of two 10 tons of biomass pellet production line parallel design.each production line includes the following sections: processing section (peeling, splitting, cutting) crushing, drying, large silos, pelletizing, cooling, packaging.

The pretreatment section consists of the peeling machine, wood splitter, and wood crusher produced by rotexmaster, which can perform preliminary processing of raw materials such as wood.

The crushing section is composed of dual-rotor hammer mill produced by rotexmaster and supporting equipment to further crush the preliminarily sliced wood.

The drying section is composed of rotexmaster's three-cylinder dryer, which can preliminarily heat the processed raw materials to reduce the moisture of the raw materials.

The addition of large silos can adjust the production scheduling of the production line and reserve raw materials.

The pelletizing section consists of 6 YGKJ880 wood pellet machines from rotexmaster, each with an output of 4 tons per hour.

The cooling section counter flow circulating wind cooling wood pellets to room temperature . The cyclone collecting the dust , ensure clean. There is a simple screener below the cooling silo, screening cooled wood pellets, make pellets quality better, more standard.Screened wood pellets are transported to the finished product silo by the big-angle belt conveyor. 

The packing section finished product is equipped with an automatic weighing of the tonnage scale, and the pellets are packed according to the set weight, and the net bag conveyor delivers the packaged pellets to the specified location.