Rotexmaster Service

Pre-sales service

1. 24/7 service consultation in 365 days a year.

2. We can do free raw material test for you. You just need to send your raw material to us, and we will find the best way to make pellets with it.

3. Efficient technological solutions are custom-made for you.

Service during the project

1. 8 major department production order standardized precision production.

2. Combination of idling machine test and material machine test--Strict quality inspection.

3. The whole production process is visualized, so it is convenient to check the production progress at any time.

After-sale service

1. Accepting service consultation in 365 days a year.

2. Our after-sales engineer can come at any time for maintenance.

3. We will return customers on a regular basis, to ensure proper operation of the production line.

4. We provide accessories for all equipment.

5. 48-Hour engineer's door-to-door service

Production service/Operation service

If you are short of technical engineers, lack of equipment maintenance experience, or your pellet plant has no profit. We provide technical engineers and full service to help you increase the profit of your pellet plant. We only charge the service fee of each ton pellets production, making you easy to be boss. (The production and operation capacity is at least 5t/h).

Overseas warehouse construction

Malaysia and more overseas warehouse are in construction, solving your after-sales service problems nearly .