Survey report on biomass pellet raw materials in Malaysia

Apr. 16, 2024

Survey report on biomass pellet raw materials in Malaysia

Biomass is distributed all over the world, with enormous reserves. The annual production of plants on Earth alone is equivalent to 20 times the mineral energy consumed by humans at present, or 160 times the food energy consumed by the world's current population. Although the yield of biomass per unit area varies greatly among different countries, every country on Earth has some form of biomass, and biomass energy is the source of thermal energy, providing basic fuel for humanity.Biomass pellets are granular products made from agricultural waste as raw materials through processes such as crushing, mixing, drying, and extrusion. Biomass pellets are classified according to their source of raw materials, including sawdust, straw, straw, rice husk, peanut husk, corn cob, camellia oil husk, cottonseed husk, etc; According to specifications, it can be classified into granular products with diameters of 8mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 60mm, and other specifications

Survey report on biomass pellet raw materials in Malaysia

Malaysia has abundant sources of biomass raw materials such as oil palm biomass (empty fruit bunches, palm kernel shells, and oil palm trunks), wood residues (from logging and wood processing industries), rice husks, and municipal solid waste. These raw materials serve as the primary sources for biomass pellet production line.

The utilization of biomass raw materials for various purposes including biomass pellet production has been increasing in Malaysia due to various factors such as government policies promoting renewable energy, increasing awareness of environmental issues, and the need for sustainable waste management practices.

The Malaysian government has been actively promoting the use of biomass resources for energy production through policies, incentives, and initiatives. These include the Small Renewable Energy Power (SREP) program, the National Biomass Strategy, and various grants and subsidies for biomass-related projects.

Survey report on biomass pellet raw materials in Malaysia

The new vertical centrifugal biomass pellet machine is the latest pellet machine in China. The biomass pellet machine adopts a large modulus hard toothed helical gearbox, strengthened spindle, strong power output, equipment stable operation, low failure rate, low production cost. It is the preferred machine model in the biomass industry.

1.Strong automation, stable operation, no need special care.

2.Increase discharging area, increase production capacity.

3.Roller without lock, less grease consumption, extended bearing life.

4.Heavy-duty gearbox transmission, gear strength is enhanced 5-10 times, low failure rate, strong stability.

5.Circulating gear oil lubrication, reduce greasel consumption costs, protect bearings.