Biomass Wood Pellet Machine Common Problems and Solutions

Apr. 30, 2021

What are the problems encountered by wood pellet machine during use? Rotex Machinery will answer your questions:

1 After the wood pellet machine is energized, the motor cannot turn, but there is no abnormal noise, no odor and smoke.

the reason

(1). Power is not on (at least two phases are not open);

(2). Fuse blown (at least two phases blown);

(3). Control equipment wiring error;

(4). The motor has been damaged.


(1). Check the power circuit switch, if there is a break point at the fuse or junction box, repair;

(2). Check fuse type, cause of fuse, replace fuse

(3). Check motor, repair.

2 After the wood pellet machine is energized, the motor does not turn and the fuse blows.

the reason

(1). One phase power supply is missing, or the stator coils are connected in reverse;

(2). Short circuit between stator windings;

(3). Stator winding grounding;

(4). Stator winding wiring error;

(5). The cross section of the fuse is too small;

(6). Shorted or grounded power cord.


(1). Check if there is a phase of the knife gate is not well, or there is a phase disconnection of the power supply circuit; eliminate the reverse connection failure; (2). Investigate the short circuit point and repair it;

(3). Eliminate grounding;

(4). Detect misconnections and correct them;

(5). Replace fuses;

(6). Eliminate the grounding point.

3 After the wood pellet machine is energized, the motor does not turn and there is a buzzing sound.

the reason

(1). The stator and rotor windings are open circuited (one-phase breakage) or the power supply loses power;

(2). The beginning and end of the winding lead wire are connected wrongly or the winding internal connection is reversed;

(3). The power circuit contact is loose and the contact resistance is large;

(4). Motor load is too large or the rotor is stuck;

(5). The power supply voltage is too low;

(6). The assembly of the small motor is too tight or the grease in the bearing is too hard and the bearing is stuck.


(1). Identify breakpoints and fix them;

(2). Check the winding polarity; determine whether the winding head is correct;

(3). Tighten the loose wiring bolts and use a multimeter to determine whether the connectors are falsely connected and repair them.

(4). Reduce loads or detect and eliminate mechanical failures;

(5). Check whether the specified connection method is incorrectly connected to the Y connection method; whether the voltage drop is too large due to the power supply wire being too thin, be corrected;

(6). Reassembly makes it flexible; replaces qualified grease and repairs bearings.

wood pellets motor start is difficult, with rated load, the motor speed is less than the rated speed.

the reason

(1). The power supply voltage is too low;

(2) Connection method is incorrectly connected to Y connection method;

(3) Cage rotors open or broken;

(4). Stator and rotor local coils are miswired and reversed;

(5). Motor overload.


(1). Measure the power supply voltage and try to improve;

(2). Correct connection

(3). Check open welds and breakpoints and repair;

(4). Find out the misunderstanding and correct it.

(5). Reducing load.

5 wood chip machine motor no-load current imbalance, three phase difference.

the reason

(1). Winding end and end of the wrong connection;

(2). Power supply voltage imbalance;

(3). Windings have faults such as short circuits in the turns and reversed coils.


(1) Check and correct;

(2) Measure the power supply voltage and try to eliminate the imbalance;

(3) Eliminate winding failures.

6 The motor no-load current balance, but the value is large.

the reason

(1). The power supply voltage is too high;

(2) Connected to the motor is incorrectly connected as △;

(3)  Air gap is too large or uneven.


(1). Check the power supply and try to restore the rated voltage;

(2). Change to Y connection.

(3). Replace new rotor or adjust air gap.

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