Application field of biomass pellet

May. 11, 2024

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the increasing demand for renewable energy, biomass pellets have attracted attention as a green and sustainable form of energy. So, how are biomass pellets prepared and in which fields are they widely used?

Application field of biomass pellet

1. Analysis of preparation process

The preparation process of biomass pellets involves multiple steps such as raw material selection, crushing, compression, and shaping. Firstly, select suitable raw materials from various biomass sources such as forests, farmland, and waste, including wood, straw, fruit shells, etc. Next, the raw materials are crushed into appropriately sized pellets using a crusher. Then, use a pellet machine to compress the crushed material, forming a regular pellet material. Finally, biomass pellets are prepared by drying and cooling.

2. Overview of application fields

The application fields of biomass pellets are very extensive. They can not only replace traditional fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, but also be used for the production of biomass thermal energy, power generation, and biomass fuel.

(1) Power generation field:

Biomass pellets are an ideal biomass energy source that can be used to produce biomass power, inject clean energy into the power system, and alleviate energy crises.

(2)Replacing traditional energy sources

Biomass pellet heating is an efficient and environmentally friendly heating method. Compared to traditional coal-fired heating, biomass pellet heating produces fewer pollutants and is more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the combustion efficiency of biomass pellets is high, which can effectively utilize energy and reduce heating costs.

In household heating, biomass pellets can be burned through dedicated biomass particle furnaces. This type of stove is exquisitely designed and can fully burn biomass pellets, releasing a large amount of heat energy, providing a warm and comfortable environment for families. At the same time, the biomass pellet furnace also has an intelligent control system that can automatically adjust the combustion status based on indoor temperature, maintaining stable indoor temperature.

Application field of biomass pellet

(3)Industrial production field

Firstly, biomass pellets can be used as fuel for industrial boilers. Compared with traditional coal, biomass particle combustion produces less exhaust gas and causes less environmental pollution. Moreover, the calorific value of biomass pellets is relatively high, which can meet the demand for thermal energy in industrial production.Secondly, biomass pellets can also be used for firing in industrial kilns. In industries such as ceramics, glass, and bricks, biomass pellets can replace some traditional fuels, reduce production costs, and reduce environmental impact.In addition, biomass pellets are also applied in the food processing industry. Some food processing equipment requires heating, and biomass pellets can provide a stable heat source to ensure the quality and efficiency of food processing.It is worth mentioning that with the continuous development of technology, the application fields of biomass pellets are still expanding. For example, in some emerging industries such as biomass power generation and biomass chemical industry, biomass pellets also play an important role.

(4)Agricultural applications

On the one hand, biomass pellets can serve as substitutes for organic fertilizers. Biomass pellets contain abundant organic matter and nutrients, which can improve soil structure, enhance soil fertility, and promote crop growth.On the other hand, biomass pellets can also be used for heating agricultural facilities. For example, in greenhouses, biomass pellets can provide a suitable growth environment for crops, improving their yield and quality.In addition, biomass pellets can also be used for the treatment of agricultural waste. Some agricultural waste, such as straw and animal manure, can be processed into biomass pellets to achieve resource reuse and reduce environmental pollution.Meanwhile, the application of biomass pellets can also drive the development of agricultural related industries. For example, the production, transportation, and sales of biomass pellets require a large amount of manpower and material resources, which provides more employment opportunities for farmers.

Application field of biomass pellet

3. Biomass wood pellet machine

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