A brief communication with a Malaysian customer who is buying our wood pellet machine

Jul. 06, 2021

On July 1, 2021, that is, yesterday, the Malaysian customer who customized our wood pellet machine equipment spoke to our salesperson: "Today is the agreed delivery time. Can my customized wood pellet machine be delivered to us in time?We wait for the pellet production line equipment to be fully installed, and the production will begin immediately after installation. "

Our salesman replied very positively: "Your customized 3 sets of 880 wood pellet machine equipment will be sent to the port this afternoon, and our engineers will go to your factory in the near future to install and debug the wood pellet machine equipment for you.Will also explain to you some knowledge of daily maintenance and maintenance of the wood pellet machine. "

Our customer answered very satisfied: "That's great! We also have many people who want to develop the industry of biomass pellet production. I can introduce your company. I heard that you also support the agency cooperation of wood pellet machines, right? "

Our customer can hear that he is really very enthusiastic. Yes, we are very supportive of our customers as agents for our wood pellet machine equipment, which shows that they trust our wood pellet machine products and our company.So our salesman replied happily: "Our company supports customers to sell our wood pellet machines and other related products as agents. Thank you very much for your trust in us. I will send you the relevant documents of wood pellet machine agent sales later. Please pay attention to check and learn about the details. If If you have other questions about the details of the wood pellet machine, please contact me to answer it for you. "

"Okay, I also want to know about the biomass pellets that can be used as raw materials for production in addition to the palm shell we use, as well as other knowledge related to the production of wood pellet machines, so that I can expand the business of wood pellet machine."

Our salesman replied patiently: "Biomass pellet raw materials include peanut shells, palm shells, coconut shells, rice husks, soybean stalks, corn stalks, wheat stalks, rice stalks, wood chips, bark, EFB, wet grass or hay, alfalfa, hemp, tire fiber, organic fertilizer , Waste paper, etc. Among them, Malaysia has a relatively wide range of raw materials, which should include palm husk, coconut husk, rice straw, etc., right? "

"Yes, it is true on our side."

Our salesman continued: "According to your local actual situation, I will write an introduction for you about the other details of the wood pellet machine and pellet production.There are some practical problems that I do not understand as comprehensively as you. You can also send me a message to introduce your situation, so as to write a detailed introduction of the wood pellet machine and raw materials that are more in line with the actual production. "

The customer replied readily: "No problem."

According to the communication between the two parties, three hours later, the customer received an email titled "Rotexmaster.wood pellet machine Production and Raw Material Description".One paragraph reads: Biomass pellets made from palm shells are used as biofuels, with low investment cost, short construction period, high calorific value, and fuller combustion, making it more suitable for large boilers to burn. In addition, palm shell pellets have low sulfur and phosphorus content as fuel, and basically do not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion. Its unique chemical properties can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Just like the introduction of palm shells, The other raw materials used by the wood pellet machine to produce various pellets, as well as the characteristics and advantages of the finished product, are all written in the file, which is convenient for customers to understand and consult at any time.